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Tera Association Office

Contact Adress;

Mr.Tenzan Kimura

Kanagawa-ken, 22000** Japan

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What are we?

Tera association is international volunteer group organaized by Tenzan Kimura, the famous personality who has a lot of faces. He is a profecer of Japanese culture, having a long time experience of being a tutor of tea celemony, along with flower arrangement and Japanese dance.

Photo of Tenzan KimuraAs a profecer of Japanese culture, He has spent long time on a Japanese culture study. As a result, he noticed the necessity for a war victim's mourning memorial service, mostly second world war. Because that era was the time of crisis of Japanese culture, no Japanese should forget.

He started to visit old battlefield such as Sipan, Chuuk islands in Micronesia, and many other places. Then he found that many people living in these places are still living in poverty. After that, he came up with the idea of charity activity of handing some used clothes to them.

He established volunteer group and named it "Tera association". The group consists of his acquaintance and friend. Tera association had activities in 12 countries already, including Southeast Asia, South Pacific, and Oceania.

The group is working not only in overseas but in domestic. We worked at tsunami striken area in Miyagi province. And we hand some clothes to homeless sometimes.

We hope we can build good relationships between Japanese people and people in overseas through our activities.

If you are interested in our activities or have some questions, please do not hesitate to mail to us. We are really looking forward to meet nice people in the future.

20. October. 2011

Tera association

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